Sunday, October 2, 2016

Funny Noise

If you pay any attention at all to this blog then you remember me saying the sporty was making a weird noise.

 I suspected the noise was coming from behind the primary cover so one night after work I tore into it. What I found was a suspicious clutch hub bearing. The bearing was replaced, everything bolted back together, the chain was adjusted and then the primary case was refilled with B&M trick shift fluid. This is the same juice I had in there before because the clutch manufacturer recommends it. The good news is that the noise is gone. The bad news is I have a new slight squeaking noise if I launch the bike hard. I guess I'll have to limit the burnouts, wheelies and stop light racing for a while.
 Today is the Slimey Crud Run and I plan to ride the sporty unless the forecast is for weather more fitting for a bike with a windshield, heated seat and grips. I was supposed to meet Dan this morning but something came up so I'm on my own. There's no real plans other than that so we'll see how it plays out.

 I'm still experimenting with the GoPro and not having a lot of success. I guess I'm ok with the video but I need to work on the audio. Here is a few minutes of a ride I took on the Rat Turd when I went to the Watson Street bike show.


  1. I was down at the SCR. I love heading down there and seeing all the different kinds of bikes.

  2. Fart - I missed the Crud Run ! Maybe I'll go in the Spring? Have a good fall season - Keep riding 'til the snow flies ! -Noot