Sunday, March 26, 2017

BSA Stalls Out

 Of course I don't mean I was riding the BSA and it quit. I mean I've been busy and the project has not progressed since last time we talked. Ok, I've not been so busy that I couldn't have worked on it but I'm not sure what I want the bike to be so its hard to make the next move.

 Putting the seat on like this has cleared a few things in my mind and one of them is I don't like the factory fender and tail light. Not so much their style and shape but more the frequency in which they appear on any given Brit bike. Ya I know you can't see them but I remember what they looked like and I think I just threw up a little in my mouth. I'm thinking maybe a subtle mix of new age tech to compliment the classic English bike styling. Maybe a narrow LED tail/brake light strip just under the seat. The low power requirements for LED lighting is also the reason I'm thinking of doing an LED headlight. The Lucas charging system will appreciate it.

Excuse the mess. I'm in spring cleaning mode.

  For a long time I thought this bike would get more of a stripped down look, maybe a battery elimination and see through mid section. That was until yesterday when I strapped this side cover to the frame. I most likely will use the stock oil tank and it would block that see through effect so I'm drifting away from that idea. Maybe its just because the side panels are another place to add acres of more black paint. If you haven't been paying attention, I like black bikes and I can not lie.
 One thing is for sure, the fuel tank is in worse shape than I remember. Gotta get that paint booth finished. It's funny I wrote that. I need to get this shop clean, remove the shelf system and start building the paint booth.


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