Sunday, March 12, 2017

Bearings, Bolts and Gremlins

 The last time we talked about the BSA I was complaining that I lost the bearings for the clutch basket. Twenty of the little suckers and I figured I had lost them during disassembly a few decades ago. I ordered new ones and have that side of the engine buttoned up now. I used new allen head bolts in place of the buggered up phillips head screws that were in there.

 So I figure the next step is to put the engine in the frame because it's already too heavy for me to lift and set in there without damaging the frame paint. I laid the engine on its side and planned on setting the frame over it.

Simple, right? Just grab the engine where did I put those bolts? They must be nearby because I only separated the engine and frame a few years ago. I searched for a while and guess what I found?

 Twenty clutch bearings lightly oiled in a sealed container. Good for me to have packed them this way and marked the container. Now why couldn't I find them before I ordered new ones? Sigh. Where are my motor mount bolts? I swear if I buy new bolts and then find the old ones I'm gonna be real pissy.

 I think I'm gonna go on an all out cleaning mission in my shop. I'll touch everything. Some stuff will be put away and a lot will be tossed in the garbage. I think if I touch it I'll remember that it hit file 13 and then I won't spend hours searching for something that isn't there. We'll see how it goes when it comes time to actually throw the stuff away.



  1. Why do all of us hoarders of nuts, bolts and screws can never find the container until there not needed anymore? I just went though this with a rear brake light switch. I needed one for the sporty I knew I had one hanging somewhere. Gave up and ordered one it comes in and I'm looking where to mount it the old one decides to work as I hang the new one on the wall there's the one I couldn't find.
    (Maybe it's Karma from watching a 4 way flasher being wired in Maggie Valley.)

    1. Oh yes...karma will bite you in the ass. lol

  2. I'm actually cleaning right now. Look at all this stuff! Do I keep it or toss it because I obviously didn't remember I had it? Funny thing is my wife is cleaning the kitchen cabinets and I just inherited a bunch oil catch pans and parts containers! It really is a sickness.

  3. I envy your mission to clean up your shop. I have my own mess of tools, parts and space that I hope to put straight. And get my head wrapped around doing some wrenching myself. In my teen years I rebuilt engines and transmissions on a variety of vehicles. 45 years later I hate the thought of turning a wrench. But I want to find a way to return. So I visit here for inspiration!

    Good luck with the cleanup.