Sunday, March 19, 2017

Ya I Don't Know

 Sometimes I write these blogs in advance and they just sit in my draft folder until I'm ready to post them. Right now I have fourteen different drafts in there and not one of them is worth a crap. Oh sure maybe they could be doctored up a bit and made post worthy but I'm trying to keep this blog non-fiction. I'll probably just harvest the pics and scrap the rest. Why am I telling you this? Because I'm writing this in advance and it's gonna be crap too.
 Lets see, where did I leave off? The bent back blade wing is still bent. It's the end of the plowing season and there really isn't gonna be any rush to fix it till the weatherliars predict another storm. We should be able to flatten it by running it over with something heavy, scabbing a brace on it and then just one pin and bolt to mount it. Run what ya brung.
 I've been giving a lot of thought to the spring cleaning purge and right now I'm not having any trouble throwing stuff away. Well what I meant was I have no problems with the idea of throwing stuff away. In reality not much has hit the trash yet. My mind says toss it so you can build the paint booth you want, then another voice jumps in and says maybe you could use this stuff for a future project. One trick the hoarder half of my brain has been caught doing is moving items out of the heated shop and into the garage. I'll deal with it later. So, what gets tossed out?

 These tail lights from an old version of my sportster could hang on the wall I suppose but thats not really a purge if stuff just moves from a shelf to a wall. I mentioned them to a guy at work and he took them. Gone. Out of my life and not my problem anymore.

 Everything in this box-o-crap went in the shit can. I found a lot of boxes like this that seemed easy to toss out.

 Not everything was easy to throw away and this electric actuator/ram thingy is still on the shelf. I'm thinking an automatic center stand deployment device or some similar nonsense. Despite keeping the actuator thingy, I was picking up momentum on the cleanup but kept getting slowed down by the memories each item was bringing. Why did I have this item to begin with and what was that project like? Then I came across a box of pics. Many of these were scanned and featured in this blog years ago. Reminiscing wasted another hour or so. 

 Lets old Willys truck, a wedding photo, some crashed and yet to be crashed bikes. Ahhh, the good old days.



  1. The dreaded hoarders syndrome. I started cleaning the garage. I have 5 gallon buckets full of scrap metal and bolts to go to the scrap yard.

  2. Ooo, nice Willys (sadly, there's no way to make that not sound perverse). I had a '53 for a few years--loved it, but it was in pretty bad shape. I suppose that you got rid of yours--why?

  3. A closer look at those pics and I notice they were taken before the hydraulic winch install and 5 gallon saddle air tank that was filled with a belt driven compressor on the stroker 383 chevy v8 that was wedged in there. It was a fun truck and I was an idiot for selling it.

  4. What's interesting about purging old 'crap' is that once it's gone you never miss it, but while it's around (in boxes, on the wall, etc) you're always thinking about what you might do with it. I need to do my garage as well.

  5. I'm not sure if always thinking about that stuff is a good thing or bad thing.