Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Puter Problems

 It may not look any different from your view but from here things are fresh, clean, vivid and exciting. What am I talking about? I bought a new laptop. I'm not excited about having to make the purchase but there is something exciting about unboxing a new gizmo and getting that first whiff of new plastic. That smell means to me that nobody else has screwed things up yet and that task is fully on my shoulders. I don't necessarily like the smell of plastic but it's better than the smell of rotting food crumbs jammed in the cracks of a keyboard or whatever residue the cats leave behind when they rub their junk on my monitor.

 I was feverishly trying to get my old laptop up and running again when my wife made me an offer. Get rid of all the old computer crap laying around and buy yourself something new.  This did kinda fit into the spring cleaning theme going on around here so I took her up on the deal.
 Normally I would research the shit out of a new puter purchase but this time I did something different. I went on amazon, looked for a "best buy" with high ratings, made sure it had some minimum capabilities I needed and added it to my cart. Done. Three days later its waiting for me at home.

 Back in the day when you bought a new computer it came with an assload of paperwork. Directions, warranty cards and owners manuals and other trash can filler for every piece screwed to the motherboard. This laptop had two pieces of paper and one of them was just a screen protector. The other was a quick start guide that basically said I should plug the laptop into a power source before turning it on. Alrighty then.
 So I'm back online with my new shop computer. It won't help make this blog any better or your experience here worthwhile but it should keep me happy.



  1. Last week must have been laptop take a crap week. Turned mine on with the fan screaming, opened it up to find a lost cat inside. Went to electronics store no we don't sell fans for laptops bought a can of compressed air and headed to Best Buy and came home with a new one. Cleaned out the old one and now it's quiet. Oh well now I have two.

  2. Ya, I run two. One is next to my easy chair and the other is in the workshop. Funny thing is the one that puked was supposedly the good one.

  3. This $#!% cracked me up--great post, man...