Saturday, February 3, 2018

Week Five Update

 To start out, I'd like to wish my wife and her two sisters a Happy Birthday. No they're not triplets but they all marked another lap around the sun this week.
 I got the cylinder heads back for the Subaru but its been pretty dang cold out in the garage lately and no progress has been made on that project. Instead we've been staying inside where its warm and passing time with dice games. The knucklehead cats like to watch and sometimes act like they know whats going on.

  The toolbox hutch project is in the heated portion of my shop and that did get a little attention. I added the keyed override in case the Chinese electronic lock gizmo fails, or maybe I should say "when it fails".

In the locked position the spring holds the latch bar upright.

In the unlocked position the latch bar is pushed down,
rotating the latches away from the door catch.

A little progress here and there. Its in the "rough draft" stage but it should clean up ok.

 In work related news, incoming repairs have gone down in general but chainsaw repairs have kept my side of the shop kinda busy. Getting to the saws is another story. Our cardboard compactor is on the fritz and I mistakenly left an empty box laying in my area. I guess that made it the official staging area until the compactor is repaired.

 "I can't understand why my chainsaw doesn't run right. I do all my own maintenance on a regular basis" When I hear those words I automatically know the maintenance wasn't done. It happens every time.

When I wasn't working on saws I got involved in a project the boys were working on in the back shop. We're upfitting another F550 kinda like the one I plow with. It will eventually get a front blade, back blade, salter and truck bed for the summer. We have been building a tunnel to cover the frame and fuel tank and the first time around was easy. This time we want to incorporate a gooseneck ball reciever so there is a little extra work involved.

 I'm writing this Saturday morning because we are getting some snow that will linger on until Sunday morning. Its just starting now so I need to get rolling.


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