Sunday, March 4, 2018

Hutch Wrap Up

 So I finally finished the hutch project and have been using it a couple weeks now. I was worried that losing the flat surface of the bottom chest would be a problem but I added a rubber mat to the top of the hutch for stacking "stuff" and cleared off the other workbench in my work area to create more flat surfaces for junk.

 So far it has been working out quite well. Having a clean safe place for a computer in my work area is nice and a big time saver. It seems whenever I go up front to use the parts computer I end up getting side tracked. That has led to problems in the past and I think this setup will help a lot in my efficiency. Also, I no longer have to go get a laptop and clear an area for it when I need to hook up to a new style autotune chainsaw.

 The electronic lock is working perfectly and after lubricating the roll up door it now slides like butter. I may add a shelf or special mount above the keypad for my phone to sit on while charging. I may also add a clock. Other than that I don't think I'd do much differently.
 No, I'm not gonna build and sell these so stop asking. I had an idea trapped in my head and now its out. Done. My head is clear and I'm ready to move on to the next project.



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    1. Thanks. We call it the train cuz I keep adding cars. I know of a deal on another bottom chest but really have no place to put it, or enough tools to fill it...yet.