Sunday, March 25, 2018

Popcorn and Urinal Cakes

 Spring is supposed to be here but the cold hearted bitch is having an identity crisis and thinks shes old man winter. This is really putting a cramp in my urge to get out and ride. I was waiting for some rain to wash the salt residue from the roads but pretty soon I'll just have to bite the bullet and put some layers on and go for it. Failure to do so soon feels like it could end up in a seizure, spaz attack or at the very least a hissy fit.
 Thursday evening we had an employee appreciation party for work. There was food and drink and I think everyone had a pretty good time. During dinner my wife and I sat with another couple and engaged in some nice conversation. For them it was a night out and a chance to have adult conversation away from their two young children. For us, watching James eat was a bit like going to the Ripleys believe-it-or-not museum. Of course I'm joking. Many of us ate as much but we did it in multiple trips. James had a mound of food on his plate that looked like a science fair project.
 Friday my wife and I went to a nice Italian restaurant just because we felt like it. Once inside I discovered I didn't have the key fob for the car. My wife thought I was joking because we've had these talks about what would happen if we locked the only key we have in the car. An earlier call to the BMW dealer suggested that a second key/fob would cost north of five hundred bucks so we are treating this one we have very carefully. At least I thought I was being careful. I traced my steps from our table, out the door and down the sidewalk. Then I noticed something dark resting in the street against the curb. Sure as shit it was our key fob. I don't know how I did it but somehow I dropped it after getting out of the car and hitting the lock button. That could have gone very wrong and I feel lucky to have found it before someone else stumbled across it, or worse, drove over and destroyed it.
 Saturday started out with a bright orange sunrise.

  It was pretty busy at work because we are trying to set up for a sale that runs all next week and because we have a tent set up in front of the building people think the sale is going on now. We sold a lot of stuff but still didn't have everything set up for the sale so that means Monday morning is gonna be hectic. Oh well, better than not being busy at all.
 On the way home I picked up some paint and sanding supplies for the sportster tank project.

 I should have sanded more of those layers off because my primer actually reacted with one of those colors and started bubbling it. Thats really weird because I never had that problem last time I painted it and I think I'm using the same paint.
 After I got to the quitting point for the day with the painting we decided to do some shopping and get dinner. I needed furnace filters for the paint booth and supplies for the end table near my recliner.

  It was also a good chance to swing into the car wash and get some of those layers of salt off the beemer. We got the deluxe wash with the smurf jizz again and my wife finally decided what it smells like. Cherry scented urinal cakes. I can't argue with that but it does beg the much time do you spend in the mens room, Dear?



  1. Back in the day when I lived in the big city, had to run to catch a bus. When i got to where I was going , realized I'd lost my wallet. So headed back home, had enough change to pay for the return, and found the wallet in the gutter at the bus stop. Incredible luck.
    As to painting, I got a friend's brother, a painter between jobs, to help me paint my old Triumph. The first thing he did was to have me sand it all down to bare metal. "You need to get it all off, before you start to paint" and that's the way I've always done it. Whatever you leave on just causes problems later on. Good luck with your project!

  2. I think you're right about the paint. I'm not looking for or even capable of perfection but what I'm getting now is unacceptable. I'm not looking forward to removing the fresh paint thats on there because I know it will gum up. Maybe I need to look at chemical means to remove it.