Sunday, May 6, 2018

Photo Dump

 Sometimes you just gotta ask yourself, WTF were they thinking? Take this wooden trailer hitch extension for example:

I suppose in a "git-r-done" scenario this would be ok for pulling a yard cart around but how many yard carts use a 2" ball?

 This week we got two, count em, two of these semi loads of snow plows. It just doesn't seem right to have to take these orders right after all the snow just melted.

 I have a customer with a chainsaw that doesn't like to follow starting procedures. He'll bring the saw in and complain about what a piece of crap it is and then we will review the starting procdures again. He'll be fine for a few months and then come back complaining it won't start. I made up a special set of instructions for him so there will be no more excuses.

I wonder if he got the hint?

Every time I get home before my wife this is what I'm greeted by:

One of them is scratching to get out and the other is waiting patiently. FEED ME! We never eat! I'm so hungry! Whatever. Those cats don't look like they're starving.
 And speaking of mischief, I'm not sure what these two were up to but they stopped as soon as they spotted me.

  This one is just pure false advertising:

 No treats in that bowl, at least by my standards.

Today is the Slimey Crud Run. Still not sure if I'm gonna make the trek, I still have a couple hours to decide.


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