Monday, August 20, 2018

Arrived Maggie Valley

I woke up this morning not knowing what my plan was for the day. The first thing I knew had to be accomplished was breakfast. The hotel furnished that and on a scale of 1-10 it scored in the low threes only because it was hot. I wonder what they do with all the juicy flavor they squeeze out of those sausage patties? A piece of cardboard has more flavor. Afterwards I hung out in the room searching the internet for used trucks. Good thing because breakfast was duking it out with my guts and winning. When I finally walked out to the bike I met a couple that was parked next to me. They couldn't figure out why their truck wouldn't start. Sometime in the middle of the night I had looked out the window and noticed the parking lights were on. I had no idea they left it that way nor did i really care. With that new info he found someone to jump start his rig and they continued on.
I went back inside to check out and quiz the clerk about the condition of the Blue Ridge Parkway.  She mentioned chip sealing but didn't know where and proceeded to tell me about the "road to nowhere". Google it for the story. Now I had a destination so off I rode to Bryson city. The road isn't unlike any of the other twisty roads in the park but this one is a dead end as far as pavement is concerned. There are foot trails beyond the tunnel. A group was walking out of the tunnel as I was walking in. I overheard them talking about snakes. You can see the other end but while inside it's quite dark and I'm sure I wasn't alone. About midway I decided I'd had enough and turned around. No snakes for me thanks.
On the road back out I saw a small black bear. No bear picks because I'm smart enough to know little bears come from big bears. No big bears for me thanks.
The rest of my ride was completely random with a few stops to look at trucks. At a lunch stop I met a couple from Maine and we bullshitted for an hour about bikes and road trips. They left and I ordered some chili cheese curds. Ya gutsy, I know.
I arrived in Maggie Valley early and got a message from Dan that he and Bill are an hour behind me. Sweet.



  1. Cool tunnel with beautiful trees. Snakes.... There's a reason I live in Alaska. No snakes.

  2. Maybe no snakes but here I don't have to worry about the abominable snowman :-)