Sunday, August 19, 2018

Dew Rag

I didn't sleep very well last night.  Not sure why. I fell asleep early enough and didn't feel ill, I just tossed and turned for quite a few hours. Eventually I got some rest but woke up late (8am). Because of this I passed on visiting the national Corvette museum. Good thing too because it was as long day on the road. It wasn't the amount of miles, it was the amount of traffic and slow downs. Uneven lanes in construction, broke down vehicles and tire remnants everywhere. Cripes it took an hour to get through Pigeon Forge. 441 through the national forest was like a parade with some jag off in an RV setting the pace under 30 mph. Another dipstick stopped every time we went through a tunnel. It was just a day when a lot of patience was needed.
I hit a little rain today and found out it takes nine miles of interstate travel in 89 degree temps to completely dry out after being soaked.  Not bad.
I saw a sign as I passed the entrance to the blue ridge parkway that said "travel not advised". I think its gravel and under repair. I'll have to find out how much is tore up.
The pic is something the motel left on my bike. I was hoping for head gear and maybe a scrunchie but it was just an old wash cloth.


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