Sunday, February 10, 2019

Double Birdie

  Yesterday I was heading home from work just minding my own business, when some jackwad in a vw passes me on the right. This has happened before and will happen again because its in a spot where two lanes merge before increasing to hiway speed. Being passed bothers me. Being passed on the right pisses me off. Being wildly cut off by some unskilled bitch in a shitbox car really pisses me off. She would have hit me if I didn't brake. Not that it would have mattered to me because I'm in a loaner car while they repair the deer damage to the big ass station wagon.
 OK so I'm pissy but not too terribly. Theres no road rage going on here but I felt she should know how I feel about her driving habits so she got the double birdies. The thing is, she won't even look in the mirror. I'm right behind her and can see that shes just looking straight ahead and ignoring me. So now I'm a little more pissy cuz I didn't get any justice here. Five miles down the road and we get to a red light. Still not one single glance in the mirror but I know that she knows that I know shes a bitch. Oh well, I'm over it. The light turns green and she takes off.

 The car had Wisconsin plates on it but I don't think she was from around here because when she took off it was like a bat out of hell. I kept thinking if there is any justice in this world then that state trooper that sometimes sits over this hill will be waiting. Sure as shit I see her brake lights but it was too late for her. The trooper must have caught her speed as she crested the hill cuz he had her pulled over before I even got there. It was like a huge weight was lifted off  my chest. I've been in this situation before but the cop was never there waiting. I slowly drove past and just waved but she didn't even look up and acknowledge me. Oh well, she knows that I know that I'm not the only one questioning her driving habits. Justice served.



  1. We get that a lot up here, tho it's probably not as bad as I remember the midwest to be. Awhile back was riding the Moto Guzzi to town and decided to go a different way, past one of the military bases. There's an intersection at one of the main gates and a guy on a Harley pulled up next to me at the red light. Looked me over and gave me the stink eye look, probably cause I was wearing a helmet, not riding a Harley, and didn't look like a dirt bag (he did). So he takes off when the light changes, straight pipes roaring, and gets about two blocks when a state trooper appears from a side road, puts on his flashers, and pulls the guy over. I cruise by and give the guy a wave and a big smile, he gives me the double stink eye. I laughed all the rest of the way to town. Sometimes there is justice in the world.

    1. I wonder if either of our friends got more than a warning.