Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Happy Birthday To Me

 I'm a little late getting this post out today. Not because its my birthday but because of snow plowing. With all the snow events we've been having there really isn't a regular schedule to live and sleep by. Yesterday I spent the day in the truck and came home to eat and get four hours sleep only to return for ten more hours of plowing. Tomorrow I'll go back at 3am. Don't get me wrong, I'm not whining. I like plowing. I'm just saying as the years tick by it gets harder to maintain these jacked up hours and today another year just ticked by. 
 My wife got me a great gift for my birthday. 

 Its a 70th anniversary edition of Monopoly. I googled Monopoly and the game is over eighty years old. That makes this set over ten years old. She bought it from a co-worker that seems to have never used it. Sweet. 
 When I was a kid we would play monopoly with other neighborhood kids. The games lasted many days. I remember having a folder or notebook of some kind to hold my money and deeds in as we traveled back and forth to the game. As far as who usually won or what rules we played by I'm not sure but I think my brother Thomas was pretty good. 
 My wife and I have three daughters and we have made a holiday tradition of playing the game. The games get pretty intense sometimes and for the longest time I was almost unbeatable. This musta pissed the kids off because now a Monopoly win is savored like a rare treat. I wonder which one of my children will be the first to shed a tear when they land on my hotel on Boardwalk or Park Place?



  1. Happy Birthday!
    What a cool gift.
    How much is it to land on (Laurel) Park (Inn) for a week?