Tuesday, February 12, 2019

More Snow

 I'm writing this on Tuesday evening because I have to get some sleep and be back in the truck by 2am. We got another all day snow event that currently measures about a foot but its still coming down. I got home and grabbed the Toro snowblower to start clearing the drive. It went about 6 feet before a cable broke. I don't get why they are making these things with plastic parts and cables. Its just asking for a failure. Lucky for me I keep a backup snow blower. This one is an old Ariens, probably from the seventies. Its only rated at 6 hp but seems to have the power of a modern day 10 horse. The drive engagement is a steel lever with a control rod and so is the forward speed/reverse lever. The auger is the old widow maker style and keeps running even if you walk away from the machine.

 I guess it took about an hour to clear that foot of snow. The berm at the road was about 2 feet high and the machine crawled right through it without hesitation or belt slippage while in low gear. Actually it probably ran better than my work truck did today. Thirteen hours of deep snow and I couldn't use four wheel drive. Whenever I engage 4wd, the accelerator pedal goes dead. The answer to this problem is to load 3 yards of salt in the truck and just do the best I could in 2wd. It goes in tomorrow for repair but not before another plowing session early Wednesday morning. I gotta go.


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