Sunday, November 17, 2019

Keeping A Factory Moving With Salt

  So heres the deal. For now I'm happy with making more videos. I'll try to mix them up with varied content like the blog normally features but I'll limit them to one per week on Sunday. This way if it lasts more than five minutes like todays video does then it won't interfere with your regular work routine. Wednesdays will feature a traditional post with boring content and lousy pics, just as you'd expect from a blog titled The Greasy Shop Rag. As always, this plan is subject to change.
 Last Wednesday we got a little snow. It wasn't enough to plow but it did get slippery enough that we had to go out and salt. My entire route consists of taking care of one factory that is split into three locations. James made a run through earlier and now it was my shift. At the last minute I thought it might be interesting to talk and film through the process. I guess it was about an hour and a half of windshield time condensed to fourteen minutes. You can decide if its interesting or not but I've decided that with a decent camera mount it might be a good way to do a quick video if I just want to babble about something.


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