Sunday, November 10, 2019

US General Pull Handles

 Followers know that I've made a few videos for this blog in an effort to change things up a bit. In fact I've made more videos than I've posted just to practice. They sucked pretty bad and you'll never see them. The ones you do see are supposedly the "good" ones. Ha! I still have a lot to learn about the whole process including, but not limited to, loosening up in front of the camera. Sound, editing and camera work have progressed a very small amount but I can see things are a bit better than that first disaster I posted. Todays post is a bit of a combo between traditional posts and video and you'll be happy to know that I kept the video near my five minute goal. The video could use a bit more editing but I just don't feel like going back to fix it. This isn't work or a money making venture and I don't want to take the fun out of it by being too hard on myself. Bottom line, it just doesn't matter.
 My new tool box came with white paper inserts for the front of the pull handles. I don't like using them and without them in there it looks like something is missing. I found the answer on a YouTube video where a guy just added tape instead of the paper inserts. His looked good so I did the same.

 The above pic is the finished result with a midway and before pic below.

 I like the way it turned out. The job was easy to do and if I get in a funky mood I can pick up some colored tape and mix things up. I stand in front of this box six days a week so how it makes me feel is important to my mental health. I guess thats one way to justify this project.
 Followers also know about the pull out work surface under the 26. I finally made a pull handle for it as you'll see in the video. Heres a couple close up shots of what I did.

 These metal pieces of channel held magnets that I removed for other projects. I cut off one side of one channel and welded the two pieces together like this:

 This pic is before I finished welding and cutting to length. Now I had a handle shaped like a tool box drawer handle that could be screwed to the bottom of my work surface. You'll notice I found another use for those magnets that came out of those channels. This one is holding the two pieces square while I weld things together.
 As I post this I am reminded that I had taken a big piece of cardboard and wrote notes on it so I could read it during filming and do it in fewer takes. In fact it worked and what you'll see is one take with most of the BS cut out. That cardboard is still leaning up on my work bench behind where the camera was placed. The notes are cryptic like "welcome", "bummer of the week", "dude on youtube".  I'm sure whoever beats me to the shop on Monday morning is gonna be wondering wtf was going on there. Oh well.
 Check out episode four.


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