Wednesday, May 13, 2020


 For those of you that don't know what "Blogger" is, its the program I use to make these posts. Its a free service offered by Google since 2003. Blogger has just been updated with a new optional format that works better with mobile devices and to me that sounds good because mobile use has been my only complaint. If you're one of the four people that actually read this blog and you use blogger yourself, let me know your thoughts of the new setup.  
 Its been my experience that people only gussy something up for two reasons. Either they plan to have it a while and want it to last or they want to put some lipstick on that pig and make it attractive to potential buyers. I don't know what the case is here but because I now kinda got my eggs in two baskets, even if one goes away I'll be able to get my important thoughts out to the masses. That second basket is my you tube channel.  
 Right now I'm just using youtube to host my videos that are posted here. I can write some details about a video or give you a heads up of what is in the flick before you watch it. Its actually a chance for me to add details I forgot to mention in the video. I can see adding videos to that channel without any connection to this blog and if you're interested I suspect my channel can easily be found by typing The Greasy Shop Rag in youtubes search engine.
 I'm still on the fence about which format I like better. Snapping a few pics on the phone and then writing about them is pretty quick and easy. I can change what I say with the simple use of the backspace key. Making a video is a lot more involved with equipment, editing and uploading but I think I like doing the videos more than writing posts. I know my personality on video ain't much but I'll loosen up sooner or later and they'll get better...or they won't. I'm not trying to build a following or earn money from any of this so that takes all the pressure off and I can just have fun with it. 
 I know it doesn't look that way but I really am having fun with this. 



  1. I went back to the “Classic” version of Blogger as it seems to work just as good/bad. The new one wasn’t an improvement just more confusing.

  2. What they really need is a better mobile editor.

  3. I see people doing everything from their phones but I struggle with that. Even my laptop has a 32" monitor connected to it because I don't like the "small" 15" screen. Thanks for your impressions of the new version. My real problem wasn't being able to create a post, it was not being able to upload it. I won't bother trying it until I need it. With things the way they are recently, I won't be staying anywhere away from home anytime soon.