Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Backed Up With Saw Repairs

   For those of you that aren't from around these parts you may not know that we had a storm last week. They say it wasn't a tornado but when you have trees down, buildings lost and crops flattened I guess it doesn't matter what you call it. The fact is that many people suffered a lot of loss.

 The power was out at work all day. It came back on at 5pm as we were closing shop. We kept the store open on generator power and helped a lot of people with chainsaws and generators. We sold a lot of chains and also canned fuel because the gas stations were closed due to power outage. 

 Saw repairs were the big demand. Most people would get a five minute assessment of their saw problem and if we could get it going in a reasonable amount of time then we did. Some people didn't get their saws fixed. If we asked when was the last time it ran and the response was something like "the tornado of  '86", then we explained it wasn't happening today. Sure I could rush through a 1/2 hour tune up/carb rebuild but in that same half hour I could potentially help ten other people get back to work.

 The saws keep coming in and we've added an additional staging area for incoming repairs. Yes I'm way behind but I'll catch up fast. I enjoy a challenge. 

 A coworker asked about a puddle forming under my toolbox. I saw it earlier but it didn't register that there might be a problem, I mean the roof leaked in a few spots so seeing the floor wet wasn't unusual. Closer examination revealed that my mini fridge was defrosting due to the power outage. This is a situation I had never considered and I'll have to get a drip pan in case this happens again. 

 It seems petty to even mention the fridge and my loss of two pudding cups and some applesauce but I don't say it as though I suffered a loss. I mention it because its toolbox related and something I didn't plan for. It just goes to show you that no matter how much you over analyze a situation there still can be things that escape you.



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