Sunday, October 27, 2013

Excess Baggage

 The two-wheeled lifestyle is great. I like spending the day wandering on a bike. The problem is that if you go all day you usually need different gear as the day goes on. Heavy gloves and a sweatshirt in the morning, maybe rain gear or a light jacket later in the day. It all depends what mother nature dishes out. Sure if you're just bar hopping you don't have to worry about this, but if you are laying down some serious miles you need a place to put all this stuff.
 In my opinion a stripped down bike looks better than a bagger but is less practical. So theres the problem. How do I try to keep the ugly fixed storage areas to a minimum but still retain the ability to haul home take out dinner?
I removed the fender and old sissy bar. I'd run it like this if I didn't need to haul anything.

I dunno, maybe something like this.

I started with a rough idea and a cardboard template.

A little time with the plasma cutter and a grinder and I have new "struts". I hate the way they look but I'm gonna keep going with them for now.

I added a little height.

Welding head piece in place.

The whole assembly will need to be relocated about 4-6" forward. I don't know what I was thinking when I measured it.

 That black leather bag leaning against the wall will hang on the forward side of the bar when needed. I have an idea for a fold down rack on the back side. Thats why I built it from 2" flat stock instead of traditional bar or tubing. The 2" depth should hide the fold down rack from a side view.

 Thats all for today. I need more material and a little more time to figure some things out. Besides, today is trick or treating and I need to get my mask figured out so I can scare some kids.


  1. I feel your pain 'bout the saddlebags and luggage! My solution was to have a brother fabricate a custom sissybar that utilizes the detachable sideplates so that I can have the best of both worlds! Looking forward to the final outcome!

  2. The detachable bar is a great idea. I had a chance to work on mine some more today. I'll post a progress report tomorrow.

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