Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Mindoro Cut

 I like to go exploring by motorcycle. There is really just so much out there to see without having to leave the state. Sometimes I'll leave the house early, get on the interstate and start eating up miles. At some point I'll get on the back roads and start exploring. On one such adventure in the La Crosse, Wisconsin area I stumbled upon the Mindoro cut.

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This hill was too steep for hauling milk to the market so they started digging.

Its easy to see where the easy digging in sandstone ended and the hard rock begins.

 The man in charge of this project was pretty tough on the crew. All the material was wheeled out on planks. If you tipped your wheel barrow over three times you were fired. The story goes that some workers made just one trip and walked off the job. 

 I only had that one pic with the Aprilia in it so on a recent joy ride I got a few more pics. It started out looking like the weather was gonna be great. That didn't last long. Heres a few more pics from the day.

First stop for fuel. This is the scene from the gas station parking lot in Montello.

Twisties near Wildcat Mountain

This old hydro electric plant looked much cooler than the picture suggests.
Just one of those things you think you see and snap your head back to make sure you're not losing your mind.

 The Sportster did good on this ride. Actually, at 260 miles it was the longest ride without a break down or even a loose bolt. Considering the problems I have been having with it, this is very encouraging.


  1. Pretty awesome. Good news on the Sporty too.

  2. Looks like a it should be in a Mad Maps ride

  3. I have a Mad Map for wisconsin. (thanks Bill!) There is a ride that goes around the Mindoro Cut but never mentions it in the suggested side trips. I guess they need to do a little more research.