Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Excess Baggage-pizza extensions

 If you've been following my sissy bar build part one and part two then you may be interested in my latest progress.

 Here is the fold down rack and the parts for the side extensions. There were a number of ways I could have done this. For a while I was convinced I was gonna use a gas cylinder to push out the sides.

 Instead I decided to go with springs hidden in tubes. I welded little stops on the ends of those rods and tapped the tubes for a stop screw.

 I wish I would have thought about this folded down look a little more. Good thing this will never really be seen much because when its down there will be something on it. As far as size goes, I think I'll like it. From this point forward the side extensions will be referred as "pizza extensions". Thanks Frank!

 Here the rack is folded up with the pizza extensions tucked in. I was just checking to make sure it fit, its not bolted in and thats why its not centered right now.

 Here's a different angle to give you an idea of the width of the rack. As I complete aspects of this build it frees my mind for new ideas. I still have to decide if the license plate will get mounted on here or on the side of the bike. I have to make a final decision about the rear fender and I also have to make some decisions about lighting.
 I know I'm gonna want to hang my helmet on the top of the bar. I've brushed up against it and ripped my shirt twice already. I don't want it to tear my helmet liner so I may have to trade cool for practical and round the tip a little bit.
 That's all for now.


  1. You need to post a video of this thing in action.

  2. This is looking awesome. I'm really liking the folded down look. I don't know why you don't!

    1. Thanks! The thing I thought I could have done better was the length of the flat bars. There are five of them with the middle one being longer. If the ones next to the middle one were a bit longer than they are now, it would have a better shape(i think).

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