Wednesday, November 13, 2013


 I'm new to blogging. I started because it was suggested it would be an easy way for me to share progress on some of my projects. As I started reading other blogs I noticed many people offering stickers promoting their blogs. Cool.
 As it turns out my wife works for a very large promotional products company called 4imprint. She told me they have an art department that could help me design whatever I wanted. I had a rough idea so I searched through the many choices of size and style stickers that they offer. When I found one that would work I drew up a rough sketch and sent them an email of my idea. I included some notes to give them a feel of how I wanted it to look. The next day I had three options in front of me. I selected one to work from. I would make a request, they would make the change and I would approve it or make another suggestion. My new smart phone allowed me to do this while I was at work without missing a beat. After just one day of these exchanges I had a design I was happy with. I was surprised at how easy the whole process was.

 I wanted it simple. Its actually busier than I had originally planned. I had the option of adding more color but again I wanted to keep it simple. It's a scruffy rat. Why? Rats, as in rat bikes, are cool. Home built ingenuity is too. To me a rat most closely portrays that in a lovable little character. This adorable creature is dropping a deuce while reading "the greasy shop rag". Nothing fancy here, just a bunch of crap I put in writing. Plus, poop is funny. A steaming pile of rat crap is even funnier. I added the chain around the outer edge to try to give it a motorcycle feel.
 So, if you want a sticker just click the pic on the right column. Leave me your name and mailing address and I'll send some out. You can also use that link if you have any comments you don't want to share publicly.
 Thanks for the stickers Honey!