Sunday, November 3, 2013

Excess Baggage continued

 I found some time this weekend to work on the sissy bar. Its getting pretty big but I think it can be functional while letting me express myself a bit. Part one of this build can be found here.

 The hoops are a rack that will keep my bacpac from riding on the tire or whatever fender I may go with.

 This is the start of the fold down rack. The main purpose of this rack is for hauling styrofoam containers of food when the mood strikes.

 I spent a lot of time drilling and grinding. I had to figure out how to get the stops shaped right so the rack will be level when open.

 Its funny, this isn't what I was envisioning when I started today. I like to start with a general idea and let it develop as the build goes on. Thats what I like to do but many times I over analyze things and end up with a mess.

 In the raised position the rack won't be visible from a side view. I had planned to add a piece of sheet metal to the front of the bar. Thats why the rack stop was made out of that ugly piece of 2" flat stock at the bottom of the sissy bar. Now I'm not sure. I don't think it really matters as the bacpac will be on the bike most of the time and cover it up anyway.

 Here in the down position its not wide enough for what I want to do. My plan is to add spring loaded side extensions. They will extend out from those two holes on each side of the rack. Not far, maybe only 2-3" but they will double as the latch mechanism when the rack is up. Thats all for now.


  1. I like the fold down version of the sissy bar. Looks like it will work great with those strechy bungy cords, you no , not the monster trucker cords. A bungee going north , south on the bike and one the other way ? Just a thought

  2. Ya lots of hook points for cords. I may even put a few holes in the sissy bar upright.

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