Sunday, December 8, 2013

'59 cadillac vs. Sputnik 1

 Well I picked up some tail lights for the sportster. They are '59 cadillac copies. I really like this style bullet light. To do them justice I felt the need to make a special mount for them. When I started making the mounts I wasn't really sure how they would look but I knew what I had available for material so I had a general idea.

 I started by making a base plate for each light. The size of the plate was determined by the size of the largest hole saw I had available. That really is the theme for most of what I do. I get an idea and then wander around the shop looking for something that will accomplish the task. Low budget.
 I wanted to use 1/4" rod to connect the base plate to the bike. The reason for this is because if the light was bumped the rod would bend or flex before the light breaks. That's the plan anyway.

 These are the pieces that bolt to the bike. Here I am drilling for the 1/4" rod. I still don't know what bends I will be making in the rod to locate the base plates.

 I've decided that these are all the pieces I will use to make one side. Notice the picture and the actual plate I made don't match. That's because I still don't have a clear vision of where this is going. That's really the creative process, don't you think? I like to follow through with this process no matter how weird it seems as I'm doing it. If I hate it I can always throw it away and do something different.

 OK so I've had several glasses of gin tonight but this thing really reminds me of the Sputnik 1 satellite. Maybe my brain is just in that gear because of the rocket style tail lights. Maybe its because when I was a kid all things related to outer space interested me.

  I know. Holy crap! Beam me up Scotty!

  If I'm gonna keep these on here I need to make some kind of cover for the base plate where the wires come out. It just popped into my head that I'm gonna have to buy a converter to integrate the turn signals and brake lights.

 The sissy bar appears crooked because nothing is bolted down tight yet. I still need to take it all apart to paint the fender and the new light mounts. I also have to come up with a license plate holder. I'm also thinking I need to turn the bike around in my little shop. The front end is being neglected.

 Like it or hate it, doesn't matter. This is a bike I will ride daily and haul stuff with. It needs to be comfortable, reliable and somewhat practical. When I started this project some of my goals were to make this thing functional and look like my own. I think I've accomplished that.