Sunday, January 12, 2014

My Back Yard

 Its been so freaking cold lately I decided to post some pics with a little green in them. 
 Here in rural wisconsin we have all the same things other rural areas have. The thing is that sometimes you need to stop and look to appreciate whats there. Sometimes you twist your neck back wondering if your mind is playing tricks. If you just fly by facing forward you will miss all the good stuff. These are a few pics taken while out riding. None of them were taken more than fifty miles from home.

No one is going to steal it when its parked like this.

I thought this would be a more interesting pic with the hard work of the amish in the foreground and the wind turbines in the background.

These guys were dining on a carcass in the road before I disturbed them.

I didn't notice it when I drove over, but when I walked this wooden bridge I discovered a lot of loose creeking boards.

I was surprised when I came around the corner and saw this guy. This pic is a few years old and I don't know if he is still there. This was taken less than ten miles from my house. Another example of not knowing until you go out and look.

Covered bridge near Saxeville.

If you don't ride on gravel then you're missing a big chunk of what nature has to offer. Plus its kinda fun to mess around on gravel twisties!


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