Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Workshop Wednesday-Are You Kidding Me?

 Sometimes life happens in strange ways. Sometimes people make mistakes. Sometimes you just see something and wonder what the heck were they thinking when they did that. This is a small collection I am calling "Really?"

Someone unhooked a trailer from a truck and used whatever they could find to support the jack stand.

Really? I can't even believe this trailer jack is actually balancing on those rocks. Whoever did this could probably find a job in the circus balancing crap on their head.

One of my crew called me and said he had a little issue with the tractor snowblower.  Really?  (No snowmen were harmed in the filming of this event.)

You thought you could beat me at Monopoly? Really?

It said weed killer on the label. The offender claimed they only sprayed the decorative stones. Really? Are you sure you didn't wander into the yard?



  1. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? I won that monopoly game. You snuck in when I walked away to take that picture!

  2. I don't know...that looks like my flashlight and empty bottle of beer.