Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Workshop Wednesday-Dumpster Diving

 I build a lot of projects with whats available to me. Sometimes I find something and turn it into a project.

 Look at all the goodies in this dumpster. This is crack for gearheads. I see so many ideas in here, unforunately I don't have the time , money or space to do anything about it. I look in this dumpster at work all the time. So often I'll be working on a project and need a certain piece or bracket or gadget and I'll remember seeing something in this dumpster. Sometimes its already been dumped or maybe everything is covered in snow but if I dive in I always come out with something, even if it's not related to the project at hand.
 Look, I see a pallet jack, engines for turning things, wheels for rolling things...


  1. I could see a lot of awesome coming out of there.
    Spare parts, time and your talent...yeah.

  2. The boss has had some guys cleaning out different deep dark corners of the shop. That dumpster has been emptied and is being refilled with some cool stuff. Its hard to save stuff you MIGHT use when you need the space for stuff you know you WILL use.