Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Workshop Wednesday-Fertilizer Spreader

 So I had mentioned in an earlier post that I was going to build a ride on fertilizer spreader. The boss gave me a zero turn mower to start my project.

 I started tearing it down to see what I had. The wheel motors needed to be braced up better and I found that the parking brake needs a little work.

 I plan to shorten this up a bit and add a leaf blower where the mower deck used to be. The motor will get mounted backwards to put more weight over the rear wheels and make room for the platform at the rear where the operator will stand. I also have an idea for locking the front casters when on a side slope.
 Other thoughts include giving this machine spraying capabilities for doing small yards.
 That was the plan anyway. The other day the boss came walking into the shop with a brochure of a new one. He's willing to drop the 6-8k for it.
 I'm just thinking out loud here. New engine and exhaust- $800. Blower housing, impeller, bearings and belt- $550. Steel, linkage, hardware- $500. Tank, pump, spray boom, shield assorted plumbing- $500. Paint, labor, assorted BS I am forgetting? The $700 we gave on trade for this unit. Well that doesn't count because its already gone do to the fact that I'm not putting this mower back together.
 If I thought I could do it for half the cost of a new one then I would fight for it but in this case I'm not sure because there will be a lot of labor designing some things.
 Huh, We need to sit down and decide exactly what we want to do.

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