Sunday, April 27, 2014

Back To Business

 Now that my shop is done I can get back to working on the sportster. I wanted to get the 1250cc big bore kit bolted in before I continued on anything else. Guess what I found when I pulled the front head.

 If you look close in the middle of the pic, right next to that rusty locating dowel, you'll see the throttle cable ferrule I thought was swallowed up by my shag carpeting. No matter, it gives me a little peace of mind knowing what happened to it.

 Its disappearance was also what triggered remodeling the shop and that has turned out to be a good thing. I really enjoy working in here now.

 The kit from Hammer Performance is simple enough to install. I had them fit the pistons and rings in the cylinders. All I had to do was drop the pistons low enough to get the new wrist pins in, install the circlip, then slide the cylinders down to the base. Simple. I borrowed a digital torque wrench from my boss to make sure everything was tightened to proper specs.
 Mother nature has been cruel to us lately so even though April is almost over, I don't feel like I'm behind with this project.

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