Sunday, April 6, 2014

Under Construction

 You may remember an earlier post when I had a small meltdown trying to find a part that fell into my shag carpeting. The carpet is gone and I still didn't find the part. No biggy as I've ordered and received a new one already. The problem is that I now have a bunch of parts including a big bore kit for the sportster but can't install them yet.

 My little workshop is under construction. I'm giving it some fresh white paint on the walls and gray epoxy on the floor. I'll post some pics when its done...maybe next weekend but probably not because I have to do the floor in sections. I'm excited about making it clean and organized in here before I tear back into the sporty.

 Its only 37 degrees right now but its supposed to get up to 60 today. I'm gonna head out for a destination about an hour away in this cold and enjoy the warmth on the flip side.

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