Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Workshop Wednesday-Random stuff I built at work

  I've been pretty busy fertilizing lawns lately so theres nothing exciting to talk about at work.
 When I'm not out on the yards I'm in the shop. I like my job. It's varied enough that I stay interested.
 We do light fab work at the shop and these are a few examples of crap I built that were taking up space in my phone. 
I built this bed and the boss sprayed a nice coat of gloss black on it.

4 x 8 work bench on retractable wheels. One lever operation raises or lowers all four wheels at once.

A new welder deserves a new cart.

My first attempt at a drawer slides from scratch. It works pretty good and supports my body weight. Thanks Uncle Tommy for the bearings.

This side plate was easy to build and adds a lot of strength to the snow blower. The sides no longer curl in when the operator slides into a curb.

A salt spreader on the back of a small tractor. The blue pieces were made from a plastic drum. The idea is to keep salt off the back of the tractor and only on the sidewalk, not the grass. As it turns out the blue pieces I made worked pretty good but the salter itself was always jamming up. We ditched the whole thing in favor of a drop spreader.

A truck blade before it was cut down to fit this tractor. This little machine gets a lot of work done when James keeps all four wheels on the ground.

I was a grunt on this hand rail project. I only did some grinding and painting. Bill laid it out and did the welding.


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