Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Workshop Wednesday-Shitty Tools

  At work we get all the tool vendors stopping in. They roll up in their big trucks full of goodies and temp us to buy their wares. Every once in a while I'll get in the truck and check things out. I'm more of a looker than a buyer but hey you never know when a deal will pop up on something I need.
 The other day one of these tool jockeys shows up and I thought I would check pricing on a set of flex head ratchet wrenches. Bill, a co-worker wanted to sniff around on the truck too so we step up into the truck and are immediately greeted by three small dogs. They are friendly and harmless and had some wet food in front of them they were enjoying. We walked to the back of the truck where the wrenches are and started discussing the pros and cons of certain tools.
 It wasn't long and I noticed it started smelling kinda ripe in there. I'm thinking "Really Bill. We were just outside but you decide to drop ass in the truck?!" Hey, maybe it wasn't Bill. Maybe it was the tool jockey. I don't know but its getting thick in here.
 I didn't know it at the time but Bill was thinking that I was the one to foul the air in those close quarters.
 We turn around and started looking at the tools on that side of the truck. One of those sweet puppies was just wandering away and then I noticed it. There was a fresh dog log neatly laid out on top of an air hammer. Another one on top of a case of something or other. A pretty good sized deuce given the small size of the dog. The embarrassed tool jockey cleaned up the mess and we went out to get some fresh air. We didn't buy any shitty tools that day.
 This incident really has no bearing on whether or not I ever buy anything from this vendor although I'll probably stay away from anything on the bottom shelf.   
 As you can imagine, a shop full of guys can get a lot of mileage out of something like this, and we did. Hey, shit happens.

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