Sunday, May 18, 2014

Been Busy

 I'm typing this in a hurry because I have to go to work. I'll be close to thirty hours overtime this week and that means I haven't spent much time fixin bikes. The Sportster is still in my shop being put together from this winters tear down. I did manage to wire in the voltage regulator but thats about it. The Rat Turd has a bad case of sticky neck bearings. The BSA still doesn't run but this is the year I get it...oh nevermind. I doubt I'll get around to fixin it this year.

 So I'm at work spraying lawns. You know, getting rid of those unsightly dandelions. I knock on this door to ask the owner about the property line. She comes to the door wearing a motorcycle type vest with a pin of a bike on it. She is also holding a motorcycle helmet. We talk about he lawn and bash on the Trugreen fella that she fired. I finally ask her what she rides. She replies "a john deere 318".
 A lot of things went through my head in a short period of time. Maybe she wears the helmet when she's cutting grass? Hey I don't know, I just met the old gal. Obviously her lawn is important to her to have answered the question that way while holding a helmet.
 Ya ya, JD 318.Nice little mower. No I meant what do you ride when you are wearing the helmet? (please don't say the lawn mower. please don't say the lawn mower.please don't say the lawn mower.) She replies "honda silverwing".
 I was relieved to hear that. We talked for a minute and as it turns out she was heading to a benefit and the helmet was a donation. They were raising money for a friend with cancer. They had nice weather for it and I wish her friend well.
 Gotta go, burning daylight.

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