Sunday, May 4, 2014

Ride Day

 Its sunny and 42 degrees outside with clear weather in the forecast. You know what that means...I'm going for a ride! So far this spring I've been able to do a couple little runs but those weren't much. Today is the Slimey Crud Run so at least I know I'll have 80-100 miles each way depending on how I end up getting there plus get to see a bunch of bikes. A sunny day like this will probably draw a few thousand mounts.

I'm all packed. I have a bottle of ibuprofen and a mountain dew. Can't think of anything else I need.
 Now get off your internet device and go for a ride!


  1. Hey man,
    You took some pictures of my bike at the Crud. You gave me a sticker and said you were going to feature my bike in a blog. Very cool! If you want some more pictures let me know...

  2. Ya I remember you. If you make any serious changes to the bike email me some pics.

    1. I just have some cool pictures of it in nature and next to barns ect.

      Where do I send them Scott?

    2. Look on the top of the right hand column. Click on the sticker if you want to email me.