Sunday, May 25, 2014

Top Ten List-Yesterdays Ride

Top Ten things that tickled my senses on yesterdays ride.

10- The warm air blowing up my pants legs.
09- The sharp sting of a large bug or whatever hitting me in the shoulder.
08- The sound of my carb pods roaring when the engine was wrung out.
07- The mild butt burn you get from sitting in the saddle for a whole tank of fuel.
06- The cool sensation from driving through an irrigation sprinkler system thats
       spraying on the road.
05- Skunk!
04- The pinching from a beard thats caught in a chin strap.
03- The way every hair on my arms tingles when I stop and get off the bike.
02- The heightened awareness and concentration when traveling through deer
       country at night.
01- The way the cool damp night air finds it way through every seam or opening in
       my riding gear.

 The last two weeks of work have been spraying lawns. That means I'm wearing long sleeves and rubber boots and gloves as I watch others ride by on bikes. It felt good to get out on a nice day. It didn't matter what I was riding, just that I was out there.
 I'm gonna ride the bike in to work today. Ya it's sunday but I want to get caught up. Enjoy the rest of your Memorial Day weekend and don't forget why we're celebrating it.

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