Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Warm and Dry

 Spring has finally arrived. We are in a pattern of warm mornings in the 50's with day time highs in the 70's. Niiiiice! Too bad I don't have a bike that is actually road worthy.

 The sportster is still not put together from this winters tear down. I'm thinking I'll just slap it back together and finish it up next winter.

 The rat turd is getting new steering neck bearings. I actually had new ones here that I purchased when I bought the bike. I figured a 30 year old bike would probably need them. I had also bought and replaced the wheel bearings but somehow this project was forgotten. I'm hoping to finish it up tonight and ride to work tomorrow.

 The poor old BSA is still out in the shed with the snow blowers. I really need to do something about that. Hey, maybe this is the year I get it back on the street!


  1. anxious for BSA. Perhaps you teach me to ride. from you ,not the book.Then i get liscence. Just a thought.It will be much differert from when i took your kow 550 or whatever out for a spin late at nite when you were not around.seriously you should teach me

  2. First I should teach you to quit stealing peoples bikes when they aren't around :-)