Sunday, December 14, 2014


 There really isn't much motorcycle news to talk about today. I messed around with a few bits on the BSA but that's about it. I've spent a lot of time trying to decide what to do about the blue dodge winter beater. The plan was for me to pick up a decent vehicle next year but the old Isuzu didn't make it that long. The deal came up with the dodge and I had to act because I needed wheels to get to work this winter.
 Now I have to decide if I want to keep the dodge or buy something different. It seems to be holding up pretty decent for a fifteen year old vehicle. My wife pointed out that I like to "tinker" so maybe I'll keep it around and fix it up. Stay tuned for posts about rust repair, lift kits, tires, 20's and tunes.

 I made a trip to the big city of Berlin yesterday. I say its a big city only because they have one of those super duper sized Walmart stores. On the ride home I took the scenic route through the 12,000 acre White River Marsh State Wildlife Area.

 I was kinda bummed out. The closest I got to wild life was the Ted Nugent I had playing in the background.

 My motivation for taking this route was to see how well the four wheel drive worked on this truck. Except for a marsh deep enough to swallow the whole truck, all I could find was ice.

 I suppose I could have tried a river crossing but this river is just a bit too deep. Oh sure there was a day when I had trucks I thought were invincible. I would drive them anywhere and when I got stuck there was always a buddy within cb radio range that would come pull me out. That was in the days before cell phones.
 I wonder if todays young folk act any stupider than I did when I was younger knowing serious help is just a phone call away?


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