Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Woodshop Wednesday-Swan Carving

  I posted in the past that my father likes to do wood carvings. An example and some links can be found here. Here are a few more.

 Excuse me if I posted these before, I just don't remember.

 Earlier this year he showed me this project he was working on.

 It's just an old stump he thought had some interesting grain patterns. He always has an eye out for chunks of wood with special grain and tries to incorporate that into the finished project. I found out he even has people dropping off odd pieces of wood for his carvings.
 Now half a year later I got to see the swan again. It's still not done but it's coming along nicely.

 It may look rough in the pictures but it is quite smooth. I think he said it was sanded down to 400 grit and he still wanted to go to 600. I've done a few wood carvings when I was young. They were nothing as detailed as what Dad creates and I know how much work it took to do them. I'm very impressed with his carvings.
 It kinda makes me wanna whip out my jack knife and whittle something.


  1. Scott--Now I know where the artistic talent in your family is: you BOTH have it. Bill Wood

  2. And here I am walking around with almost no skills in the wood shop. This must be remedied.

    P.S. I drilled a hole through a table with the new drill just because I can

    1. There goes your security deposit. I should have sent along a few blocks of wood for your to practice on.