Sunday, December 7, 2014

Other Stuff

 Another cold week has passed with very little motorcycle activity happening in my life. I've had a lot of "other stuff" going on. I did do some wet sanding on the BSA frame after my initial paint job just wasn't doing it for me. I'll try to finish that up today.

 I have been struggling with the idea of creating a paint booth here at home. Its just such a pain in the ass to haul parts 20 miles to work and basically waste a whole afternoon fiddle fartin around just to paint a few pieces. There is also the problem of them taking up space in the shop while others are working. Another thing that bothers me about leaving wet pieces at the shop is the occasional nosey bastard that feels the need to touch them to see if they are still wet. It reminds me of a guy I used to work with that would dig through the fridge, open containers, and ask "hey, whos casserole is this?". He knows its not his so why not just leave it alone?

 Another problem I've been thinking about is how to keep my crap in the bed of my truck protected. I looked at tonneau covers and thought I wanted a soft roll up version. While cruising craigslist I found this color matched cap. Its in good shape, everything works and it came with the keys for the back window. I thought it was a fair buy at $200.
 Now if I put these two ideas together I can leave the truck parked outside and build a small heated paint booth in my stall of the garage. I still haven't worked out any details yet like heat, ventilation and lighting but the space is there if I decide to move forward.
 The Packers don't play until monday night so maybe I'll get something done in the shop today.

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