Sunday, May 24, 2015

Test Ride

 Thursday I drove up to Harley Davidson of Appleton. A salesman there named Brian told me to stop in anytime I wanted to take a bike for a test ride. When I got there I asked to ride a new Ultra Limited. After they photocopied my drivers license and made sure I had a helmet, they let me loose on this:

 The 103 cubic inch engine has some decent torque. You can pretty much just let the clutch out without throttle and the bike will take off without killing. Once rolling the big pig feels pretty nimble. Dare I say light. I checked the abs brakes a few times in the parking lot just so I knew what to expect then I leaned her over pretty good as I left the lot onto the road. It felt very natural.
 I am not familiar with the back roads in the Appleton area so getting lost was easy. I remember the salesman telling me that all HD dealership locations are pre loaded in the gps so I thumbed through the menus till I found what I needed and the gps talked me back to the dealer. Nice. This bike gets the Greasy Shop Rag stamp of approval!
 So now I'm hooked. All that was left to do was decide what color I wanted. Blue is out. Ya I know my truck is blue but I don't like that either. That amber whiskey colored one is ok I guess. Vivid Black would be just too hard for a high miler like me to keep clean. The maroon one might look good in the sunlight but I didn't care for it in the showroom. What does that leave?

 Silver and black. They had a few of these and were willing to work on the price in order to move one.

 It worked because there it is sitting in my driveway. My brand new 2015 HD Ultra Limited. Yesterday after work I managed to put about 250 miles on it. It's so sweet. A nice combination of comfort/power and hi tech. Originally I thought I wanted to remove the trunk for that Street Glide look. Ain't gonna happen. I don't know its back there when I'm riding and it holds a lot of crap. I know it will hold a full face and two half helmets plus gloves and glasses and other crap.
 Stay tuned for posts on a few upgrades I plan to make. The first will be to the exhaust. Harley builds these things to sound crappy so they can make an instant sale to suckers like me that want a more traditional sound from their v-twin.
 I'll see you out on the road. You'll know it's me. I'll be the one with the ear to ear grin.

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  1. Sweet! May you be blessed with thousands of excellent miles! -Iron Vaquero