Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Workshop Wednesday-To Dive or Not To Dive...

 That really is the question. We cleaned out a corner of the back shop that was full of weed wackers, blowers and chainsaws. These were all trade in units that we were saving just to harvest parts. Well at some point you have to decide if having the parts or the space is more important. We decided having more space was important and we threw out about fifty pieces of equipment.
 I've been out to the dumpster twice since that stuff was put in there. Both times I knew what I wanted was in there but it was buried so deep I couldn't even see it.

 Just look at all those goodies. I stood up on the top rail of the dumpster and just imagined all the projects that could be made from the stuff in here. I kicked a few pieces around then started thinking about what we had here. Is it a waste to toss this equipment? Maybe it's a waste to have it laying around and not get recycled into new equipment. I started thinking about building vs. buying new and my desire to buy a new bike. Should I build a kick ass bike over the summer or should I just buy the bike I want and enjoy it now?
 I jumped down and walked away without looking back. I've said it before. I'm just a few bad decisions away from being on an episode of Hoarders.


  1. Insane! I have no shame when it comes to the issue of dumpster diving...if I lived anywhere near the shop, I would have stopped by to 'reclaim' some treasures...I tease myself by looking at Craigs List...I have seen at lest 2 Road Glides that I eye-balled pretty hard...

    1. The Road Glide is sweet, for sure. I could live with the fairing if it were wide enough to cover my hands while riding. It just seems a bit narrow.