Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Workshop Wednesday-Leave My Shit Alone

 It's that time of year again. One of my roles at work is "Lawn Care Tech". That means I (along with my trainee James) make fertilizer and weed control applications to commercial and residential properties. To do this we need water. I have a spot where I can park the truck and trailer along the building right in front of a water spigot. I keep a hose attached and use it daily. I'd spot weld the fitting to the spigot but you know some a-hole on a forklift will run over the hose and cut it or smash the end. My solution has been to threaten anyone caught messing around with my garden hose.
 Ya I know this sounds trivial but consider this. I use that hose every day. No one else parks there. There are many other hoses available. That hose is a tool just like a wrench on my work bench. If you found it on my bench put the fucking thing back. I shouldn't have to dig through four other tool boxes to find my tool that you were too lazy to return to the place you found it. Deep breath.
 I submit to you this years tag found hanging on the hose. It's not as bad as past years where I threaten to hunt down evil doers and cut their nuts off, but I think I get my point across.

 I just had a thought. I'm gonna have a lot of barbed wire left over from the Rat Turd project. Maybe I can come up with a physical deterrent.


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  1. that is so funny that you remember about G. Bush calling them guys "evil doers" . Dana Carvey does an awesome skit on that.