Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Workshop Wednesday-When Work Stops

 For a few years now I've been without a large touring bike. Actually now that I give it more thought, it's been ten years. That's fine. Once a year I make a big ride that amounts to about 3000 miles in one week. The rest of the year I'm pretty much just tooling around the state. Easily done on the rat turd or sportster.
  My back has been feeling a little better lately since the chiropractor discovered one of my legs is longer than the other. I've taken measures to correct that. This has made me think more about a bigger bike or kick starting the BSA. IF I were to pick up a touring bike I think it would be a Street Glide. I've always thought they were pretty cool. Anyway, yesterday a guy rolls into the shop with a 2010 'glide so naturally I dropped everything and went to check it out. Pretty nice but I think maybe a bit too nice. I'd be more interested in an older bike or even something with a roached motor that needs work. One that I could beat on and not feel guilty.
 So as I'm checking out one end of the bike, Al is combing over the other. Here is what he discovered.

 Do you see it? The owner admitted he mounted the tire himself and was a bit embarrassed I guess. No big deal. At least he's doing the work himself.

 I missed the Slimey Crud Run on Sunday. Not because I forgot about it. No, I had made plans to go with Dan. It's just that I've had other things going on and there just wasn't time. There must have been a huge turn out as the weather was beautiful. Maybe I'll have the Rat Turd ready for the fall 'Run.

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