Wednesday, April 6, 2016


 What is art? When I think about art I usually consider objects that only serve the purpose of being appreciated, like paintings and sculpture. There is also art in design of certain useful objects, say, a fancy schmancy Italian motorcycle. But what about an object that is left in its original functional form and put out on display to be critiqued for what it is?
 I reported a trip to the antique mall where I purchased some signs for my shop. When my wife makes a purchase it is much different. Not bad, no. I enjoy some of the "pieces" we have on display in the house. Here is her latest find.
 She said there was some significance to the number three and besides that, its just cool. Do you think if it could tell its story that it would be a boring one?

 This beast weighs about 55 pounds and is full of interesting details. I'm sure the designer wasn't thinking about art when this was made but how can you not call it that? My appreciation is not just a gear head thing because my wife is nowhere close to being a tech head and she loves it. It must have some merit as a piece of art. But then again, my Rat Turd sits in the living room too and I enjoy looking at it but I would never call that bike art.
 Ack, its all just a bunch of baloney anyway. Call it what you want. Art, scrap metal, whatever. If it piques your interest and you enjoy looking at it then I guess it doesn't matter what you call it.



  1. Well said. Art can also be re-purposing something to generate interest and/or conversation. When not on the business end of a boring rod, this bit can be enjoyed in a different way.

    1. re-purpose sounds so much better than "buying someone elses junk"

  2. "Do you think if it could tell its story that it would be a boring one?" :D Ba-dump Tschhh...