Sunday, April 10, 2016

Rebel Maintenance Continued

 I've been picking away at my to-do list on Brookes Honda Rebel. When I was digging through a box of spare parts I noticed an air filter without the foam wrap. I didn't give it a second thought until I inspected the filter in the black bike that I'm prepping for her.

 The foam was just falling off of it as it was removed from the bike. I'm sure that's what happened to the other filter. The body and mesh screen are fine but the foam will get replaced. The big aftermarket sources don't list it so for shits and goggles I did a search online an up popped amazon. I've been using them a lot lately for odd parts and their service is great. Most of you already know that. On the topic of Amazon, I ordered and received tires for this bike. The seller was listed as Amazon, not some second party and when they arrived they looked like this.

  They are packaged with cardboard supports in between the beads to help support the shape of the tire. I've ordered a lot of bike tires and  have never had them show up this way. They are usually just banded tight and deformed. I'm not sure if its a Kenda thing or Amazon but I like it.

 While I was filling my virtual cart I decided to pick up some turn signal mounts. It's just an adapter between the fender and the light stem that flexes if bumped into. A droopy light just looks like the bike gave up, or worse, spent time on its side. Here is a pic with the new mounts.

 Yesterday I ordered a master cylinder rebuild kit and caliper seals for the front brake. Once that is fixed all I have left is a turn signal that won't flash and some fuel hose. Then I can push it out the door and see if it runs!


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