Sunday, April 17, 2016

Bikes Everywhere!

 The sun came out this week and that means motorcycles are back on the road. There is still a lot of salt residue on the road and I refuse to put the Ultra out there till that salt has been rinsed away. I see a lot of the bikes on the road are nice newer rides. I guess there are people that don't have the luxury of owning multiple bikes but feel the need to get out there. I understand that and I guess if you wash the bike it may be ok. I don't want to chance it on a new bike so the sportster has been the ride of choice till the Rat comes out of hibernation.

I've been riding to work this week in morning temps in the 30's. The payoff comes at the end of the day when temps have been in the upper 50's and 60's. Yesterday I think we hit 70. After work  I had a couple hours to kill so I wandered around on the sporty. It was just a lazy ride and a perfect road for that is a nearby Rustic Road. Its not exactly smooth but its quiet and there is usually a good chance of seeing some wildlife. I saw two ducks, that's it. I guess everybody was sleeping.

Most of the road is one lane which really doesn't make a diff on a bike.
Nothing to see here, just a marsh.
And a sportster.
I was just thinking, I call my 2000 dodge truck "old" but until just now I never really thought much about the age of this '89 sportster. The bike runs pretty good and I always feel confident I could ride it anywhere despite the fact that I've had to trailer it home twice when it wouldn't run and nurse it to a welding shop once to have the frame repaired. That repair was done in North Carolina and seems to be holding up well. We'll just call that "working the bugs out".

 This spot seemed picture worthy as I watched the water flowing past and all the little bugs and critters jumping, hopping and crawling around on new legs enjoying the spring warmth, kinda like all the bikers on the road this weekend. If your caging it , please look out for the anxious newbies and rusty oldies as they wander out on their steeds for the first ride of the season.



  1. "anxious newbies and rusty oldies" Like that, sums it up perfectly. Still waiting here for the ice to finally leave our shaded gravel road so I can get out. But main roads are also covered in loose sand, so waiting for at least 1 good rain storm is probably not a bad idea.

  2. I feel better. At least I'm not waiting for ice to melt!