Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Ultra Handlebar Swap

 Sometimes I like to ride "tank to tank". What I mean is I like to run till I need fuel and those fuel stops are the only stops. The only way to do this is to be comfortable on the bike and my Ultra had me reaching for the bars. Lucky for me The Motor Company offers a bar with a little less reach and I bought a set last winter. I knew the swap was going to be quite involved and I only recently decided to take it on.
Because the bar riser bolts are under the fairing, a lot of stuff had to come apart to get at them.

 After removing the front of the fairing and unbolting and rocking the rest of the fairing forward, I was able to remove the bars.
 Wires everywhere! Wires inside the bar and wires on the outside. Actually when you think about all the functions this doesn't seem that bad. Heated grips, radio, cb, turn signals, start, kill, high beam, throttle by wire, volume, etc. The rest of the swap was uneventful. I hope I tightened the bars down in a favorable location because I really don't want to have to take a bunch of stuff apart to make an adjustment. I won't know till we get some decent rain, The roads are STILL salt covered.
 I also added some more led lighting, this time to the top of the fairing under the windshield.
 Those orange lights stay illuminated with the other marker lights. The only difference is that the two end sets of lights on each side flash with the turn signals. I like the way they look, even when they are not lit up. The fairing has a groove where these are mounted and looks like something is missing. I have to wonder if they design these bikes with pieces like this as part of the original design and then just remove them and offer as add-ons or if a design team comes up with this stuff after the fact. To me they just look like they belong on this touring rig.


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