Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Rat Piss

 Well I finally pushed the Rat Turd out of the living room. The slimey crud run is this weekend and I want to ride this bike down there. Problem one, the battery is dead. Not really a problem, I have many different forms of electron rejuvenation devices so I connected one in anticipation of firing the bike up and taking it for a spin. Problem two, the bike pissed all over the garage floor. At first I thought one of the four carbs just had a hung float and after a few taps with a hammer would let loose and set the needle. A few taps didn't do it and before I could find a bigger hammer I came to my senses and looked for another reason for the leak.

 I knew the carbs would need to come off so this seemed like an easy way to pinpoint the source of the leak. Sure enough, I discovered fuel flowing from the inlet tube that connects the two middle carbs.
 The o-rings were getting old and just weren't sealing well anymore. I suppose they got lazy enjoying the good life in my living room all winter. I tried new o-rings but the ones I had were just a tad different sized and after reassembly proved they wouldn't seal the leak. I disassembled the whole mess again and tried some gasket sealer on the o-rings. A day later I turned the fuel petcock open and watched the rat piss on the floor again. If I'm gonna run this bike two hours from home this weekend then I need this leak fixed. I made a command decision and used JB Weld on the cross pipe. Right or wrong, it's done. The leak is fixed.
 Problem three revealed itself on the test ride. The clutch slips. This isn't a huge problem and if I were riding alone to the crud run I would be ok. The problem only shows itself when I really get on it and I assure you if I ride two hours with guys on bikes twice the displacement that I'll be "getting on it" more than once. I knew about the clutch last year after I rejetted the carbs and gained a bunch of power. The new discs are here in my shop and I just need to remember to pick up some oil and soak them overnight before I do the repair.
 Despite the fact that its only 35 degrees, the plan is to ride the Ultra to work today and pick up that oil. After work I'm gonna ride to the HD dealer in Beaver Dam because their website says they are stocking a battery I need for the heated jacket liner we bought for my wife this past weekend. This will be the maiden voyage for the new handlebars on the Ultra so I'm kinda looking forward to that. Tonight I'll soak the clutch discs and do the repair on thursday. This gives me two days to test ride the Rat Turd locally before sundays ride.
 It all sounds good to me.

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