Sunday, May 22, 2016


 I went for a ride the other day. I didn't take the Ultra or the Sportster. I didn't even take the Rat Turd. The bike I rode was an '86 Honda Rebel 250. This is Brookes bike that I got ready for her to ride this summer. After putzing around with it for a while, all that was left was a test ride and the 23 miles between our house and hers would qualify.
 Now I'm not complaining but the Rebel is a small bike. Trying to get my toe under the shifter was difficult and my knees were pretty close to the bars. Nevertheless, I was able to operate the bike ok.

 It ran pretty decent and I was surprised to discover it would haul my fat ass at 75 mph if I tucked in. I also discovered the light little bike doesn't tolerate a lot of body movement. Frame flex becomes an issue when carving corners.

 None of that matters because Brooke is a lot lighter than I am and the bike fits her well. She was happy to get it back and I heard she took it for a problem free 50 mile ride yesterday.
 I enjoyed working on the Rebel and I'll happily help Brooke out with any issues that may arise but I'm equally excited to get the bike off my lift table. I am eager to get started putting the BSA together and it's warm enough outside to paint some parts so I really should get started with that, but not today. I'm heading in to work to try and catch up with lawn treatments while the weather is decent. I won't work all day, just long enough to feel I've made an effort to get a few accounts off the list. Later this afternoon my wife and I will go for a dinner cruise on the Ultra. The weather is gonna be perfect.



  1. That bike looks pretty tiny with you on it but looks perfect for her. And she looks very happy!

  2. Yep, she's happy and I know she has been out for a few rides already.

  3. Bike looks pretty good for a 30-year-old machine. And there's another happy rider on the road. Well done..

  4. Thanks. It does look good for its age considering this was a repair, not a restoration. She has a second one for parts.