Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Am I a Writer?

 That question came up when Al and I were talking in the shop yesterday. He claimed he had no clue about my writing as he is just in it for the pictures. I'll post a couple of random pics today just for Al.
 Yes I have a blog and I make regular posts twice a week but I'm not a writer. I wish I could write but the fact is I suck at it. My blog posts are usually an explanation of a picture rather than an intellectual observation. My skill set stops at the end of a wrench and does not include the mental fortitude needed to capture your imagination with words. My high school edjumication limits me in this area and I accept that.

I ate 18 of these last week during our annual open house at work.
 My digestive system is finally back to normal. Thanks for asking.

 This doesn't mean I'm dumb. I happen to be good at figuring crap out...even if that crap is new to me. Maybe that's what I like about doing repair work. It's a little bit like detective work. A customer brings their broke ass equipment into the store and tries to explain the problem in the best way they know how. These sometimes aren't very mechanically inclined people or they'd fix the stuff themselves so their problems have to be decoded by our counter personnel. Now I grab the work order and try to decipher the customers and the counter persons interpretation of the problem. Sometimes the problem is obvious and other times what appears to be the problem is just the result of the problem. A broken pull cord is a good example. At first it may seem that replacing the broken rope is all that's needed but many a rope has been replaced only to discover the machine doesn't run. The broken rope was the result of the customer pulling on it a hundred times, trying to get it started.

If this pic of Als wife Vikki with her vette doesn't get him to
scroll back and read this entire blog then  nothing will.

 So what does this have to do with blogging? I dunno, for this blog some of that repair work is fuel for posts. Also, some of that desire to figure things out gets applied to the mechanics of creating this blog. This would include the layout, presentation and pics involved not only for this blog but the social media and web page I maintain at work. Its not hard but it does have to be figured out.
 When I asked google the question, "what is a blog", the answer I got said "a website containing a writers experiences...blah, blah, blah" So, I guess it must be true because I read it on the net. This chicken scratch bullshit I post twice a week qualifies me as a writer. Suck that Hemingway.



  1. A fair question. Does the simple act of writing make one a "writer"? I would say no more so than the act of changing a tire on my ride makes me a mechanic. I too blog, and I have done some writing of the family history variety, but writer? No. Scribbler more like.

  2. Actually, I think you failed at sucking. Your first paragraph made me chukle, and so did the second. Then, unlike Al, I read the rest of your post. I admit I did get stuck on Vikki and her 'Vette for just a moment there, but then I moved on. Oh, and the explanation for that photo made me chukle again.

    So in my book, that makes you a writer. Sorry to disappoint.

    As a writer now, if ever you feel like criticizing some other person's writing because you know they can't really write you can say "that's not writing, it's typing".

    1. Oops... I was chuckling, not 'chukling', definitely not chukling.

  3. I enjoy your blog maybe its that I can relate to what you write most days.

  4. Thanks for the replies everyone. I know I'm not a "writer" but I do enjoy this scribbling and I appreciate you folks for reading it.